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Invasive Plant Spotlight: Japanese Knotweed

Invasive Plant Spotlight: Japanese Knotweed 0

Fallopia japonica, commonly known as Japanese Knotweed, is an invasive species resembling bamboo. Originally used as an ornamental garden plant on estates, Japanese Knotweed established itself by the mid 1890′s as a rapid-spread invasive plant quickly moves outward from gardens and becomes unmanageable. Japanese Knotweed has spread to 42 states from coast to coast, and(…)

The Double Life of Purple Loosestrife 0

Purple loosestrife has a well-deserved place on the Most Unwanted List for invasive plants in New York, but its beauty makes it a tough target for those seeking to maintain native ecosystems. (Nothing on the Pace Plant Don’t Plant list is more appealing and problematic than purple loosestrife.) The flowering plant, with the scientific name Lythrum(…)

‘Plant, Don’t Plant’: Fighting Environmental Invaders in New York 0

Some of the worst environmental threats don’t come from a smokestack or a pipeline. Increasingly, New York State’s ecological health is threatened by an array of invasive plants.