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By Carin Fuerst (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0-at], via Wikimedia Commons

By Carin Fuerst (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0-at], via Wikimedia Commons

Recently my team and I sat down with Melanie Dupuis, chair of the new Environmental Department in Pace University’s Dyson College of Arts and Sciences and Mary Lieto, director of Auxiliary Services.  Dr. Dupuis and Ms. Lieto helped the three of us develop questions for our recent food survey of students. The main goal of the survey was to gather student’s opinions and data to ensure that Chartwells and auxiliary services provide the best possible food for the student body.   It covered topics such as eating habits and what students consider as healthy or “good food”.

We asked students what they felt was a healthy option in the cafeteria.  The data showed that out of 228, 170 people said responded that the salad bar was a healthy option, 87 responses said the deli an 81 voted for sushi. Even though “nothing” was not an option on the survey, many said to us after reading the question that they thought none of the food on campus should be considered healthy.

We asked students if they felt if they had a say in the dining services.  Of 234 responses, 173 responded “no.” In addition, we asked people to provide their email so we can contact them about being a part dining service committee . The impressive response suggests a successful committee for Pleasantville,  and the start giving students more of a voice in the dining spectrum.

When we did  a similar survey in May of the spring semester, we received 125 results.  This time around we have received 234 results, holding the survey on Monday October 20 all day.  This allowed us to survey a broader spectrum of people.  With the help of our fellow clinicians we were able to survey more people after the day of the event, who very generously offered to ask some of their professors if before class the students could fill out the survey.

My team and I are pleased with the results that we received and hope to use these responses to improve the food on campus and minimize complaints. We are beyond grateful for all the help that we received.  Both Dr. Dupuis and Ms. Lieto were a huge help in forming the questions, the two of them brought up questions that my team and I never would have thought to ask. Our class was also very supportive and helpful in helping to get more people to take the survey.

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