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Bard College Position Funded by Chartwells.

Pace University needs someone to advocate for healthful food that is supplied by companies and farmers using care in tending their livestock and lands. Our proposal is to create a Pace Food Sustainability Advocate, paid for by Chartwells, our food service.

Chartwells logoTo help set our strategy, the Food Justice Team had a Skype conference call with Bard College’s Dean of Social Action, Paul Marienthal, and the two students, Carter Vanderbilt and Alyssa Freeman, who started the Real Food Challenge movement there.  Their top concern was making sure that the school supplies food that is grown and processed with the welfare of the environment, animals and workers in mind.  

A Food Sustainability Advocate monitors all the food coming into the school and makes sure that it sustainably produced and, ideally, comes from within a 150-mile radius. Bard College made a deal with Chartwells, the food service for Bard (and Pace) in which the college would hire the employee of its choice, but Chartwells would be required to pay the employee and work with him or her.  Bard’s choice was Corinna Borden.

Corinna BordenCorinna Borden works with the students to monitor the food and has meetings with the school and Chartwells to make sure students have a way to voice their opinion about the food.  The Food Justice Group at Pace University wants to accomplish this task, as well.  We want to work with Chartwells and hire a Food Sustainability Advocate to enforce quality food.  Students, faculty, and staff eat in the cafeteria every day and we all would like to work together in making sure our food is good for us.

Eating is a fundamental facet of our lives.  As college students we are still learning how to choose our own food on our own.  The eating habits we form now in college will go on with us throughout our lives. Wouldn’t it make sense that we eat healthier food to help us in our last moments of growth and to help us have the brain power we need to continue working hard for our degrees?

If you agree, please spread the word about the value of a food advocate to fellow students, faculty and school employees. Let’s use #pacefoodadvocate to spread the word on Twitter and other social channels.

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