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The Green Patriarch: A Voice for the Environment and Humanity 0

From his early days in office, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew has made care for the environment one of his top priorities. His strategy has been “connecting people who have the power to save the environment with people who have the knowledge.”

The Pace Food Future

The Pace Food Future 0

The Food Justice Team was able to review all the food items purchased by Pace students in the past year. To our surprise, one of the most popular was not the “unhealthy” choice you might expect. In fact, the data show that salad is one of three foods most often chosen by students. It’s time to add truly local sources to our food suppliers.

Invasive Plant Spotlight: Japanese Knotweed

Invasive Plant Spotlight: Japanese Knotweed 0

Fallopia japonica, commonly known as Japanese Knotweed, is an invasive species resembling bamboo. Originally used as an ornamental garden plant on estates, Japanese Knotweed established itself by the mid 1890′s as a rapid-spread invasive plant quickly moves outward from gardens and becomes unmanageable. Japanese Knotweed has spread to 42 states from coast to coast, and(…)

The Food Campaign Continues 0

The Environmental Policy Clinic’s Food Justice Team continues their campaign for food sustainability with our Fall 2014 members: Alexandra Catalano, Alyssa Vilas Boas, and Anthony Jones. Last spring, we set out to work with Chartwells to bring more sustainable food to campus.  When we returned this semester we saw significant changes in the food system.(…)

Invasive Spotlight: Giant Hogweed 0

Giant hogweed is a non-native, invasive plant that is particularly dangerous to humans. It disguises itself as a tall wild flower but it can cause scarring burns and worse. Learn to identify it!

ePolicy Returns September 9 0

‘Significant’ Clarification to Endangered Species Act

‘Significant’ Clarification to Endangered Species Act 0

Changes to the Endangered Species Act (ESA) are passionately argued across the full spectrum of public  opinion. Perhaps more than any other environmental statute, it has historically pitted the rights of the individual against the right of government to protect species from extinction. The July 1 decision clarifying the key word “significant” caused the same(…)

The Last Chain on Billie 0

Billie the elephant arrived in the United States from India shortly after her birth some 50 years ago. After being torn prematurely from her mother (who was most likely killed), Billie was sent to a zoo in Massachusetts where she spent 6 years giving rides to children and roaming her small enclosure. Then in 1972(…)

New Yorkers Act During Invasive Species Awareness Week 1

This week marks the first ever Invasive Species Awareness Week (ISAW) in New York State. In a proclamation signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, July 6th to the 12th has been designated as a time for, “residents and visitors alike … to learn more about these invasive species and their damaging environmental, societal, and economic impact on New(…)

Sign the Petition Against Exotic Animal Abuse in New York Circuses

Sign the Petition Against Exotic Animal Abuse in New York Circuses 0

Support the petition to prevent the torture of exotic animals in circuses that travel to New York State.