Student Voices:

Building Natural Beauties

Building Natural Beauties 0

The Plant and Wildlife Team built terrariums filled with native plants in the Mortola Library the Monday before Thanksgiving. Students coming through had the opportunity to build a small garden for their dorm room while learning the importance of planting native species. Most were pleasantly surprised at the beauty available to them in their own(…)

Farm Life at Stone Barns Center

Farm Life at Stone Barns Center 0

When you think of a farm what comes to mind?  I instantly think of sheep, pigs, chickens, and cows and, oh let’s not forget, the smell.  Having never been on a farm I was not sure what to expect, when Anthony Morgan Jones, Professor Land, and toured Stone Barn Center for Food and Agriculture, a(…)

The State of Solar

The State of Solar 0

In 1979, President Jimmy Carter made a rousing speech that coincided with his dedication of the solar panels on the White House roof. In that speech, Carter highlighted the goal of deriving 20% of all energy use in the United States from the sun by 2000. The precedent seemed to be set not only for a(…)

Meeting with the New York City Dining Board 0

Last month we, The Food Justice Team, held a conference call with members of the Dining Advisory Board on the Pace University New York City campus, including Bailey Tarpley, president of the Dining Board. Our purpose was to learn more about the Board’s success in bridging the gap between Chartwells and the NYC student body(…)

The Food Team Meets With the Sustainability Committee 0

Last month we, the Food Justice Team, met with the members of the Sustainability Committee here on the Pleasantville campus. The meeting was a productive one, a crucial first step toward food sustainability and security for the Pace campus community. In attendance were, Dr. Melanie DuPuis, chair, Dept. of Environmental Science and Studies, Dean Lisa(…)

Students Speak Up for Food 0

Recently my team and I sat down with Melanie Dupuis, chair of the new Environmental Department in Pace University’s Dyson College of Arts and Sciences and Mary Lieto, director of Auxiliary Services.  Dr. Dupuis and Ms. Lieto helped the three of us develop questions for our recent food survey of students. The main goal of(…)

Recording Roadkill in New York State

Recording Roadkill in New York State 0

Roadkill is a less than glamorous topic. Carcasses of raccoons, deer, and other wildlife strewn across the highway are an eyesore and distraction to drivers. Despite its unattractive nature, roadkill can provide important information to researchers who study the dynamic relationship between roadways and wildlife. Records of the species and where they are found provide(…)

Invasive Spotlight: Purple Loosestrife

Invasive Spotlight: Purple Loosestrife 0

Purple Loosestrife is an herbaceous, wetland perennial. This pretty purple flower grows up to 2 meters tall with 30-50 stems that form wide-topped crowns. However, despite its aesthetic appearance, it is destructive to the surrounding environment. This plant overruns wetlands such as freshwater wet meadows, marshes, and the banks of rivers, streams, ponds, reservoirs and ditches. The wide-topped crowns(…)

ASU School of Sustainability

ASU School of Sustainability 0

  Schools across the country are trying to find innovative ways to make their campus and cafeterias more sustainable.  All are taking different approaches. One of the most sustainable schools in the country is Arizona State University (ASU). ASU calls iteself the “School of Sustainability.” It focuses on areas such as energy conservation, renewable energy,(…)

The Green Patriarch: A Voice for the Environment and Humanity 0

From his early days in office, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew has made care for the environment one of his top priorities. His strategy has been “connecting people who have the power to save the environment with people who have the knowledge.”