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Proposed: An Act to Reduce Road Salt Use on New York Roadways 0

Proposal: An act to cut the amount of road salt used on New York State roadways Problem: Road salt harms vegetation, contaminates water and damages automobiles and pavement. Composed of sodium chloride or calcium chloride, de-icing salts damage plants by displacing important elements like potassium and phosphorus in the soil and increasing salt concentrations within(…)

Proposed: An Act to Mandate Recycling Bins in Public Areas

Proposed: An Act to Mandate Recycling Bins in Public Areas 0

Propose: An act to mandate separate recycling bins on all state owned property and properties receiving state funding. Problem: The nation’s recycling rate has remained at 34 percent since 2010. The Eastern United States is making significantly less progress than the West Coast in reducing the flow of waste and recyclable materials to landfills. The governors(…)

Proposed: An Act to Create Urban Beekeeping Hubs

Proposed: An Act to Create Urban Beekeeping Hubs 1

The bee population has been dwindling faster than usual over the past few years and has been linked to a number of different reasons. By establishing beekeeping facilities in urban areas throughout the U.S., the bee population has a much greater chance of flourishing once again.

Proposed: An Act to Mandate GMO Labeling of Foods

Proposed: An Act to Mandate GMO Labeling of Foods 0

Congress should enact a uniform national standard for GMO labeling, enforced by the Food and Drug Administration. Both state and federal governments are coming under increased pressure to swiftly address this very personal and heated issue of consumer rights. As consumers advocate for the “right to know”, GMO labeling is gaining increased attention.

Proposed: An Act to Prohibit Private Ownership of Wild Animals in NYS

Proposed: An Act to Prohibit Private Ownership of Wild Animals in NYS 0

The practice of keeping wild and exotic animals as pets is reaching crisis levels for both people and animals. A complete ban on possession is necessary to protect the welfare of wild animals and to guarantee public health and safety.

Spring 2015 Clinicians 0

Welcome! This is the Pace University ePolicy Clinic blog and we are the Spring 2015 clinicians! This semester we are working as individuals and as teams to solve environmental problems and implement sustainable projects!

Building Natural Beauties

Building Natural Beauties 0

The Plant and Wildlife Team built terrariums filled with native plants in the Mortola Library the Monday before Thanksgiving. Students coming through had the opportunity to build a small garden for their dorm room while learning the importance of planting native species. Most were pleasantly surprised at the beauty available to them in their own(…)

Farm Life at Stone Barns Center

Farm Life at Stone Barns Center 0

When you think of a farm what comes to mind?  I instantly think of sheep, pigs, chickens, and cows and, oh let’s not forget, the smell.  Having never been on a farm I was not sure what to expect, when Anthony Morgan Jones, Professor Land, and toured Stone Barn Center for Food and Agriculture, a(…)

The State of Solar

The State of Solar 0

In 1979, President Jimmy Carter made a rousing speech that coincided with his dedication of the solar panels on the White House roof. In that speech, Carter highlighted the goal of deriving 20% of all energy use in the United States from the sun by 2000. The precedent seemed to be set not only for a(…)

Meeting with the New York City Dining Board 0

Last month we, The Food Justice Team, held a conference call with members of the Dining Advisory Board on the Pace University New York City campus, including Bailey Tarpley, president of the Dining Board. Our purpose was to learn more about the Board’s success in bridging the gap between Chartwells and the NYC student body(…)